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White Mini Dress for a Debutante Ball

My closest friend’s sister is celebrating her 18th birthday next week. Every girl knows that celebrating an 18th birthday means a grand celebration, actually there are, there can be or there will be two grand celebration in a woman’s life first is the debut or the grand 18th birthday celebration while the other is the wedding. Of course actually there are many steps of celebration in a woman’s life, the debut, the engagement, the wedding, having a first child – these events makes up a woman’s life complete or fullfilling shall I say.

Debuts and weddings are treated the two grandest celebration in a woman’s life because they are the most prepared events, it requires almost at most a year of planning. Some women love to prepare their event hands on and work side by side with the coordinator. Of course they have to decide on the theme, color scheme, place, date, food, photographer, videographer, guest lists, sponsors, etc. and of course the invitations to be sent out.

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Going back to my friend’s sister debut, her chosen theme is “Frozen”! Let it go… Let it go… I don’t care what they are going to say Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway! Yeah! I really let go! Let go of my laughter! I really told my friend’s sister that “Frozen” is so yesterday and it fits a child not a young lady! But of course I was half joking her, that is the way I show my love to her! Teehee!

Actually, thinking of the “Frozen” theme, it is actually cool. For the visitor’s part, she actually required her visitors to wear white colored outfit. Good thing I had Resultly, it makes it easy for me to choose a white mini dress in just a click! I can just imagine everyone in white mini dresses! Though looking at some sites on the internet the theme is more on being applied on children’s party. But if the coordinator is really creative and stylish I think she could come up with a theme that is more suited for a lady! I am just so excited on the surprises that they have in store for the debutant and the visitors.

I could imagine that her dress would be inspired from Snow Queen movie or any Ice Queen dress, they will look breathtaking on her! I would expect the place to be designed like you were entering or dining in an ice castle or ice kingdom. The decorations would be from the shades of white and blue. How cool!