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Sweater Weather: Get your Grey Cardigan out

Yeap, the sweater weather is here again so what do we do? Enjoy the weather and bring out your cardigans.

I love the fact that I do not have to bring out my bulky jacket at this time because my cardigans can do it for me. With the cardigan fever on, my favorite color at the moment is my grey cardigan.

I like the mood the color grey imbibes. It is laidback with a touch of formality, which is why apart from black; this is also one of the coveted colors to be worn in the corporate world because it is a perfect fit for a day to night cover-up and vice versa.

Another reason? The color can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe and that is very important to us fashionistas because we should not always splurge with our outfits but should also know how to mix and match. Now, when I say can be paired with almost anything – I mean it. You can pair this with your jeans, skirt and slacks or even dresses. Just look at how Alexa Chung wore her grey cardigan. Still looking pretty fashionable right?

grey cardigan

I like the dress that she paired with the grey cardigan. It was very bright and colorful but the contrast provided by the color grey tamed down the outfit a notch (note: a useful tip for people who are not sure if they have overdone their outfit for the day. Better make sure to have a grey cardigan in your bag, just in case).

Have a look at Resultly’s website for more grey cardigans to choose from. I like the Tobi grey cardigans because they incorporated different cuts or added extra designs, which gave the cardigan an edgier appeal. I assume that is what they have in mind since the color is actually a bit bland.

However, if you are like me who loves a plain grey cardigan, try checking out the Forever 21 grey cardigans in Resultly. The reason why I like the plain ones is so that I can be more experimental with my pairings. Example, I can pair it up with a fuchsia colored jeggings or wear purple sneakers matched with white shorts. Of course, that’s me.

For the not so adventurous fashionistas, has come up with an article showing you different ways to wear your grey cardigan courtesy of fashionistas who have given their own style on how to sashay this piece of clothing. I just thought of sharing it with you in case you are at a loss on how you should wear this cardigan.
So, are you all set for this sweater weather?