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Stand Out In a Lime Green Dress

There’s something about yellow and lime that really compliments anyone with blonde hair. It also looks really good if you’re tan. I do have the blonde hair, but I lack the tan skin unfortunately. I’ve been holding on to way too many dark color dresses. One of the colorful dresses I’m trying to add to my wardrobe is the lime green dress. I saw Miley Cyrus wear it and fell in love.

First of all, there are so many shades of lime green, but this one is perfect. I like that its a little more green than yellow. Miley also has a great body for this tighter dress, the blonde hair, and a golden tan which compliments the lime green dress very well.

Although I was not able to find this particular style or color of dress, I was able to find a few favorites. The first lime green dress I will talk about is a darker lime green dress that I found in Target:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.07.41 AM

This one is a maxi lime green dress- perfect for a casual day. This green shade is a little more green than lime, but I love it. Did I mention how much I like green? Let me continue with my obsession with green. I love maxi dresses, but if you want a lime green going out dress, look for lime green bandage dresses. I found a perfect lime green bandage dress. Its a little more  yellowish lime than green in this case.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.10.36 AM

This dress looks perfect with a gold clutch, and gold strappy heels, just like the model wore it. A piece of advice to everyone: be strategic when you buy tight dresses. They can be so unflattering if you wear the wrong material. However, bandage skirts and dresses are a safe choice. One of my favorite brands is BCBG bandage skirts and dresses. They’re made out of silk, but a stretchy and fit-forming silk. They suck everything in and keep it in place. I am usually very weary about wearing tight bright colors, but with the bandage material I don’t worry about this. One reason the BCBG bandage skirts and dresses are a safe bet is because they’re made by Herve Leger. I can’t afford an Herve Leger dress, but the BCBG is the next best thing!

Ok, lets get back to the lime green dresses. I decided to go with the yellowish lime green bandage dress. I also found some other choices I love of bandage lime green dress here. I love the maxi, but I think the lime green color looks best with a more formal look. Also, you’ll definitely stand out in a lime green dress. I can’t wait for this dress to come in the mail! Its not BCBG, but I read some good reviews about this one. I always read the reviews before purchasing anything off line. Its also nice to see the dress modeled on someone who posts a picture of themselves in the comment page.