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Gossip Girl Felt Hats

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Does this Something Special felt hat from Nordstrom Rack that I found on Resultly remind you of someone? Someone who is well known, an IT girl, a fashion icon? Okay here are some clues, it is an American teen drama about New York City’s privileged young adults. Had a show title in mind? You got it right! If you are a die-hard follower of Gossip Girl you probably knew the first time you saw these fashionable hats. Most of us can take a page or two out of their style books, especially before hitting a popular downtown spot.

You have two people in mind Serena van der Woodsen played by Blake Lively (aka the “it girl”) and her best friend  Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester (aka the beautiful Queen Bee). They the obvious two choices from Gossip Girl.

These are fashionistas rocking the television with their non-stop fashion inspirations everyday and every night! Who knows that dressing up for school can make you look fashionably hot and sophisticated? Clearly these two knows how to dress up! Blair added a red ribbon to make or insert a life in her plain dull colored uniform and accessorized it with stacks of bracelets just to add a “fun” in it. While Serena putted over a cardigan, matched with cream colored high heels that she matched with her handbag to make her look sophisticated. They even shop in style! Not too heavy layering, both just took the direction on wearing soft flowy fabric that is comfortable to wear. Colors are also pleasing in the eyes, they spell fun + fashion + comfort! And of course their handbags and necklaces and Serena’s hat plays a big part on the styling of their whole look.

These two are lovely! They don’t need to put so much effort in wearing extravagant outfits on events because they look stunningly beautiful on any outfit! Plus their characters make them more interesting!

Well, aside from their love of bags of course those are very obvious, they have all kinds of bags, there are tons and tons of accessories that they adore. These are the statement necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, belts and scarves.

Their love for different kinds of hats is also evident, they love to play with their hats and match them with any outfits, may it be a long dress, mini dress, t-shirt and pants, may they be in their trench coats. They were it whenever they feel like adding a hat in their style, morning walk, afternoon shopping or afternoon tea, going to an event or just enjoying the day out!