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A night on the beach with my lace up sandals

Every time I glance at my lace up sandals just sitting in my closet, I’m always reminded of that night. It was in late July, the sky was clear and the air was humid. It was our second date, we grabbed dinner downtown and then we decided to go to the pier. We walked hand in hand and eventually made our way to the beach. Everything about that night was perfect.

lace up sandals

Before that night, I knew I wanted my outfit to be girly, yet chic. I found this super cute, floral printed dress. It had this sort of hippy vibe, I loved it. As soon as I bought it I knew I needed a pair of sandals to go with it. There they were, just waiting for me to purchase them. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe how perfect they would look with my dress. They’re this cream color bootie  from Nordstrom, where the heel isn’t too high. That’s definitely ideal for someone like me who can barely walk in heels. I knew I could count on Nordstrom  to find the ideal pair of shoes to go with my dress.

How cute are these lace up sandals?

lace up sandals

Those sandals will always bring me back to that night. I remember as soon as he came to my door he told me how great I looked. I can remember thinking to myself it’s because of the sandals. We ended up staying at the beach till three o’clock in the morning. We talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. At one point during the night I took off my sandals and wriggled my toes in the sand. I loved feeling the coolness of the sand between my toes and then dipping them into the water.

I went home that night on cloud nine. All of these thoughts bouncing around in my head, I found it nearly impossible to sleep. So I shopped some more, of course. I knew I would need another pair for our third date. I went on my favorite shopping app here. It had every type of sandal imaginable. Let’s just say I was on there for quite awhile.

I ended up finding these adorable sandals from Macy’s. They are these super chic, black leather sandal. The heel was just a tad higher but I thought it’s definitely worth the risk. I knew I had a ton of clothes that would look great with these, yet I had no idea how to exactly wear them. I certainly wouldn’t wear them with a pair of leggings or anything. Then I couldn’t help to think about what might happen on our third date. Would we just go to dinner? Maybe the movies? Preparation was a must! Regardless of where we decided to go, I knew I wanted to wear my new sandals.

As I was browsing the internet I came across this awesome article on one of my favorite blogs.

I found it to be super helpful in figuring out what to wear with the latest addition to my shoe closet. It’s kind of amazing how a pair of lace up sandals can forever change your life.